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shavingWhen we went to Pagosa Springs I forgot to bring hair conditioner. The hotel we stayed in only supplied conditioning shampoo, which doesn’t work well for me. It takes me forever to get the tangles out unless I have actual conditioner. So, after a grueling session with my comb, we bought some cheap conditioner.

Fast forward to our trip to Guanajuato last week and I was determined not to make the same mistake. I packed an unopened conditioner from my basket of supplies (yes, a big one, because I can check my bag for free but, no, not the conditioner we had picked up in Pagosa Springs – that would have made too much sense). Except, that when I was in the shower I discovered that it wasn’t conditioner. It was shampoo. So, yet again, tangles. And we had to find some conditioner at a farmácia.

Now I have two bottles of cheap conditioner. But I’m almost out of shaving cream. And, guess what?! Conditioner is a great alternative to shaving cream! It’s cheaper. And a bottle of conditioner is going to last a lot longer than a can of shaving cream. Plus, my shaving cream container has been leaving circles of rust on the shower bench, so I have to sit it on top of my comb – which is a pain.

Who knows, maybe I won’t ever buy shaving cream again! I WILL be super cautious to be 100% sure that I’m packing conditioner.

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