Maybe Take a Trip Every Two Months

suitcaseI while ago I posted about an epiphany I had that, while not realistic, would really make time fly – take a trip every month!

Well, as fun as that may be, it would cost too much and I really don’t think I could swing it anyway. But, maybe every two months…

After all, I already head up to Calgary at least three times/year. Certainly, I can find a way to take three more trips – even if they’re just short road trips. Let’s see, this year Jay and I did a short weekend road trip to Pagosa Springs. We went to Napa for about five days. We just got back from Guanajuato, where we met up with my brother and his girlfriend who had rented a condo for two weeks. Plus, Jay went to Cabo and I did a girls’ getaway to Vail where, again, a friend has access to a condo. Hey – not only is it possible, we did it!

Next year I’ve already got plans to go to Florida with my friends, where one of them has a house. Other friends have booked a condo in Playa for three weeks in February and I’m SURE they mentioned something about wanting company. 😉 My youngest brother is working two weeks/month in St. John’s, Newfoundland and wouldn’t it be great if Jay and I could swing up there (in the summer) to see him and also spend some time in Quebec where I have four cousins and I’ve heard the biking is really good (and relatively flat)…

None of our trips last year were outrageously expensive. In fact they were, for the most part, very moderate because a) either the airfare is inexpensive or we use miles, and b) either we stay at someone’s place or we stay somewhere as affordable as possible.

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