King Sooper’s Seasonal Price Labels

condensed milk on saleKing Soopers has new, seasonal price labels. I really like these! For example, the condensed milk I buy for my Vietnamese coffee is currently on sale (clearly for Thanksgiving and Christmas). Since I rarely, if ever, pay the regular price for anything, these new labels let me know that this sale price is good through January 7. I’ll make sure to stock up between now and then. I won’t buy a whole year’s supply. That’s going overboard (even for me), especially if I decide to stop making my coffee. After all, it’s NOT low carb!!

Besides, I’m not sure this is the lowest price it’s ever offered at. I paid $1.29 in September of 2012. I think it was part of a “Buy 10” promotion. I’ll have to check my sales cycle spreadsheet.

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