Today Jay Got Another $60 Gift Card

visa gift cardI posted about this earlier. I thought he got these cards twice/year, but it’s actually every quarter. That’s $240/year. Nope, it doesn’t bump us up into the next tax bracket. It’s not a huge deal. Yet, this and every other little thing we do to save or make money adds up to, literally, thousands of dollars/year.

Time IS money. It’s good to have an idea of what YOUR time is worth. We know that it’s worth it for Jay to spend five minutes filling out the form to get a $60 gift card. He knows whether it’s worth doing something himself or whether the money he makes working overtime will more than cover paying someone to do it. (Although, chances are he’ll work the overtime AND do the task himself.) I know that these days it’s worth it for me to spend five minutes to fill out a survey to get $25. And, I’ll spend 25 minutes to drive eight miles round trip for 20 coupons worth upwards of $40. A few years ago, when I was super busy with flipping houses and making a good deal of money – I wouldn’t have done that. And, depending on what I’m doing, I may not be willing to do it in the future. But I do have a good feel for what my time is worth here and now.

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