Today Our Oldest Started His New Job

new jobHe was hired a month ago and started yesterday. While I cannot take credit for this feat, I am definitely patting myself on the back for helping. Not knowing what kind of job he wanted, he was somewhat paralzyed (ie. fear of the unknown). So, I helped him define it and we narrowed it down to:

– the financial services industry
– an entry level position
– an established company with a comprehensive training program
– a company offering growth potential
– a short (ie. 10-20 minute) commute

I found a blog listing companies with offices in the Denver Tech Center. If a company appeared to meet the criteria we went to the careers page of their website to look for appropriate jobs. Also, my brother mentioned that he had recently used to check out the job scene in Calgary, so I got online to see if there was a and there was, indeed. And it was a very good resource.

Applying for jobs is a tedious, soul sucking experience. Steve customized his resume and cover letter for each company. Despite all the info being in the resume, which he uploaded during the application process, many of the applications still required him to fill in his education and work histories, in addition to answering questionnaires and/or writing paragraph responses to questions. It took upwards of an hour or two to apply for most. He kept a spreadsheet of all the jobs he applied to, as well as a document where he cut and paste his answers for possible future use. Anything to make the process quicker.

And, then, from many of the companies – crickets. No feedback. No response. Nothing to indicate they had even received your application.

But not all the companies. 😉

Ultimately, Steve was rewarded. While he got a few rejections, the company that hired him called within a week of his submitting his application. They had him come in for an interview that was actually a “pre-interview” coaching session. The HR woman explained that he should get a suit, and would definitely not get the job without a tie (he’d been unable to tie it and had to leave it in his car). She suggested he style his hair, something that slightly flummoxed him. He’d just had a haircut and there wasn’t much hair to style. She explained which of his interview answers were good and why; which were bad and why. She also explained that they were looking for candidates who were “coachable”. She was very encouraging. And she was a wonderful ambassador for the company. By the end of the session, he really wanted to work there.

This took place on a Thursday. The following Monday he had his real interview and spent time sitting in with employees to see what the job was like. In the meantime, he’d bought a suit at Macy’s (50% off). Jay tied his tie for him and left it so he could simply pull it over his head and tighten it. He managed to part his hair and use some gel to make it look more GQ. He spent time with a well-employed friend who coached him on questions to ask the interviewer. They also went fly fishing that weekend and he burned his nose so that, come Monday morning, he looked a bit like Rudolph, albeit in a Calvin Klein suit.

When he got home from the interview he was giddy. He felt as though he’d done very well. The job situation is still tricky, and you never know how much competition you’re up against, so I did try to prepare him in case he didn’t get the job. He’d done as well as he could have hoped. If he didn’t get it there wasn’t anything for him to kick himself over. Plus, it had been a very illuminating process. How lucky was that?!

I headed to my noon yoga class and, before it was over, he’d texted me that he’d GOT THE JOB!! He was thrilled. I was thrilled. Jay would be thrilled when he got back from Cabo and heard the good news.

Within a couple of days he got a call from another company seeing if he could come in for an interview. But, Steve was already loyal and dedicated to the one that had hired him.

He had a month to generally prepare to enter the real world after graduating from college and taking a year to live in the mountains, working as a ski instructor and at a golf resort. Luckily, the weather has been beautiful and he got many, many days of fly fishing and hiking in. But it’s time for reality to set in!

Yesterday he started and I could officially cross it off my To Do list. It had been at the top. Now, getting him moved out within a reasonable time period is at the top of the list.

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