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shutterfly calendarI’ve posted about calendars a couple of times. I’m really excited about this new idea even though it’s not all about saving money. I recently used Shutterfly to create invitations for our daughter’s graduation and was thrilled with the result. I used Shutterfly to create a memory book for my Mom. My Dad is in a nursing home. His dementia is pretty advanced and I know it’s hard for my Mom to see him this way. So, I created the book, Bill & Sandra – A Love Story, for her. It starts with pictures of them as children, then when they were dating, and got married, through the kids and the grandkids and the houses and Windermere and their trips. It’s a simple way to quickly remind her of all the good times, with pictures of Dad when he was young and healthy and life was grand.

The quality of Shutterfly’s products is awesome. I’m contemplating using it for our annual Christmas card/montage, in which I use a bunch of pictures from the year, with captions underneath each. Yes, it’ll cost more. But the product will be even more awesome (although I personally think the do-it-yourself look of our past “letters” is somewhat appealing). It will definitely be easier to produce. Getting the color and borders right has been a pain in the rear in the past. And it uses a LOT of ink. Also, I won’t have to fold them, which aggravates my arthritis.

However, back to the calendar! With Shutterfly, you can create custom calendars. Like me, my Mom uses a physical calendar and every year she transcribes all the important dates onto her new calendar. My plan is to create a calendar for her, with all the birthdays and anniversaries etc. printed on it. Plus, you customize it with photos and backgrounds. So, I can use pictures of the kids and grandkids on the months of their birthdays, wedding pictures on months of anniversaries, etc.

And, while it won’t cost under $10, it should only cost around $15 assuming I order it when they have a sale and couple it with my Christmas cards and don’t have to pay for shipping. And, once all the pics and dates are loaded, I can easily create a new one each year with very little effort at all. I’ll just choose a different style and maybe swap some pictures.

It’s a brilliant gift idea.

And I’m going to do it for myself starting in 2015, because I’ve already got my 2014 calendar and I’ve marked it up.

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