Today I Worked Out Our Credit Card Strategy For 2014

As 2013 draws to a close, it’s time for me to assess our credit card strategy for 2014. It’s definitely simpler than last year. In 2013, we closed some of the cards we opened in 2012, leaving us with:

– a Chase MileagePlus Explorer card, which gives us 10,000 bonus miles after spending $25,000, as well as 2x miles on United purchases and perks such as free checked bags on United, travel protection, etc.

– a Chase INK Bold Mastercard which gives us 5x points on Comcast, Verizon and office supply purchases, as well as 2x points on hotels.

– a Chase MileagePlus card which gives us 2x miles for all groceries, dining, home improvement and gas purchases. We use this for all these categories, except gas, for which we use our Costco American Express.

– a Costco American Express card which we use for all Costco and gas purchases. We get a 4% reward on our gas purchases.

– a Target REDcard debit card which I use to get 5% off all my Target purchases.

So far we’ve earned close to 150,000 miles/points in 2013. That’s a far cry from what we earned in 2012 (325,880), when I opened and closed a number of cards. But, still it’s about six round trip tickets to Calgary, not to mention the hundreds of dollars I saved in checked bag fees.

So, my 2014 strategy? Basically, I’m going to stick with status quo for now. I’ll be on the lookout for new card offers with signup bonuses and might do that once or twice to earn an extra 40,000 to 50,000 miles. But I’m pretty much happy with the cards and the rewards we have, right now.


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