Today I Voted

electionActually, it was yesterday but I thought I’d wait to see the outcome of the election.

I guess you could say I voted with my pocketbook.

Amendment 66, a $1 Billion tax increase for public schools, failed with 35% voting yes and 65% voting no. Issue AA, a tax on the sale of marijuana, had the exact reverse results. It passed with 65% voting yes and 35% voting no.

Finally, I’m voting for some winners. 😉

No way was I voting for a $1 Billion tax increase for the schools. Taxes, once instituted, don’t tend to ever go away. Besides, we’ve been throwing money at our schools for decades and it’s never enough. It’s a bottomless pit.

And, hell yes, I voted to tax marijuana sales. I voted against legalizing it in the first place and a lot of good that did. 😉 The state coffers may as well benefit from it. It’s big business!

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