Today I Bought Some Sheets

fitted sheetI discovered that the fitted sheet for our bed was ripped. This was the second time I’ve had to replace it. So – while the flat sheet and the pillow cases are fine, we are on fitted sheet #3. Why can’t they make the fitted sheets extra durable??!! They’re the ones that get all the wear and tear.

Sheets cost a fortune, especially king size sheets. Since I don’t need a whole set my plan was to just purchase a fitted sheet that more or less matched. Our sheets are beige (more like paper bag brown). I usually bring a pillow case with me and find something that matches. I can’t remember where I got the fitted sheet the last time this happened. But, this time, I went to Macy’s where I wanted to get a purse for my Mom. They were having a storewide sale. Yippee! I found a Martha Stewart fitted sheet that was the right color. It was 50% and it still cost $45! For one sheet!! Aggghhh…

So, I searched through all the clearance and sales areas and I found a sheet set on sale for $8.99. I kid you not. A whole king size set for $8.99. The regular price was $60 – so we’re talking a cheap set. I figured that if we don’t like it we can return it once I’ve found something else. Or I can use it in the guest room.

I don’t really like the feel of it, although I’m pretty much used to it after three nights. And I can’t imagine the elastic is going to last more than a couple of months. But, by then, I’ll have found something else because I’m putting it on my To Do list. And it won’t cost me $45, either.

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