A Bargain at Macy’s

purseWhile my Mom was here the other week, we went to Macy’s where she bought a purse. The selection here is much wider than in Calgary. Plus, our prices are lower. She was really happy with the one she got, but there had been another she was also interested in. She would, in fact, have gotten both. However, it was a little pricey – especially considering it wasn’t leather. So, she just bought the one.

Anyway, Macy’s had a sale this weekend and the purse she had been looking at was actually in the flyer. I had to pick up a fitted sheet for our bed since our existing one ripped. So, I zipped over to Macy’s. (More about the sheet in a later post).

The purse, regularly $108, was on sale for 50% off. The specific one we had been looking at was still sitting in the same spot. While looking at it last week, Mom had pulled much of the paper/stuffing out of it. So I grabbed another one. And guess what?! The purse IS leather. The little tag indicating that it was leather was missing from the one she’d looked at earlier. But there it was on all the others. I had a coupon good for $20 off any purchase over $50, so the purse ended up costing ($108 x .5) – $20 = $34 (before tax).

I plan to go up to visit sometime in early December and will bring it with me. She will be so happy when she opens it for Christmas. In fact, I will probably have her open it while I’m there. 😉 Mom is the only one I don’t buy a book for, since she has a Kindle. So this is perfect. And it’s more meaningful than a Tim Horton’s gift card, my Go To gift for her when I don’t have something specific.

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