A Visit From My Mom

explorer cardMy mom came down to Denver last week.  We had a really nice visit. Fabulous weather. Did quite a lot, but not too much – went to the museum, shopped at Macy’s, two walks, quick trip to Boulder to visit Rachel, two movies (Gravity – horrible; Enough Said – great), family dinner and Broncos game. Plus lots of time to just visit. She got to see all three grandkids, as well as some of our Denver relatives.

I cooked a LOT.

She used the United air miles we discovered she had the last time I was in Calgary. I paid all the fees for her ticket with my Explorer card, hoping she’d be able to check her bag for free and save $25 each way. That, unfortunately, didn’t work out. It’s worked before, for my kids, but it seems United has made some changes to their policy. The attendant checking us in told us that there had been as people were abusing the “perk”. Now, the person paying for the flight has to be the person flying. It might work, too, if they are accompanying the person flying. I’m not 100% sure how it works. Certainly, my kids have the same last name as me and my mom doesn’t, so that could play into it. And I’m trying to remember if they are authorized users on my Explorer. I don’t think so. I’ll be interested to see if they can still check a bag for free. I’m sure it worked as recently as June.

Our Explorer card is linked to my MileagePlus frequent flyer account, not Jay’s. But he can check his bag for free when flying. He did last week when he went to Cabo. Maybe because he’s an authorized user on the Explorer card.

It’s SO complicated.

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