Set the Timer

timerI posted about how I use the oven timer when drying my laundry. In fact, I use the oven timer (or my iPhone timer) frequently. I can’t set a pot of water on the stove to boil safely without doing so. Unless I hover in the kitchen, the minute I leave the kitchen and get involved in another task I forget all about it. I would boil a pot of water until the pan starts smoking. And it’s not a middle/old age thing, either. Years ago, when I was probably still in my 30s, maybe my early 40s, cremated a big pot of beans that, I think, were the beginning of a batch of soup. I believe I was reading at the time. This was WELL before the days of iPhones. I’ve relied on some kind of timer ever since, with relatively few exceptions and no more blackened pots.

I use a timer in other scenarios, too. I just can’t remember any examples at the moment. And that is definitely a middle/old age thing. 😉

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