Today I Made Some Changes To Our Comcast Service

comcastThis is yet another episode in my continuing saga with Comcast. Sometime last spring a friend of mine was telling me how much they enjoy watching Homeland. It’s on Showtime which, as far as I knew, we didn’t have. But I searched for it and, voilà, I found it. So, apparently, we did have Showtime! I watched Season 1, Episode 1 and, yes, I liked it. Two days later I went to watch Episode 2 and, not voilà, we didn’t have Showtime anymore.

What the heck!

Instead of pursuing it, I got the first season from my library. I should have put the 2nd season on hold at that time, too. Not that it would have made that much difference. But I am #94 out of 319 and that’s after two months of being on the list. Now season 3 is playing and I’m missing out!!

I decided to call Comcast to see if they’d give me Showtime for free since I’m paying them an arm and a leg every month ($199 if we don’t download any movies).

No go. I probably just “happened” upon a free week of Showtime last spring. It wasn’t a free promotion that Comcast was giving us. But, we can get it for $10/mo. Well, we’re currently paying $10/mo for HBO and we’re not really using it now that Game of Thrones is over until next spring. I don’t think Jay watches anything on HBO. At least I hope he doesn’t, because I canceled it and added Showtime. Once Homeland is over I’ll switch back in time for Game of Thrones.

The service rep who helped me also mentioned that our two year contract ends in April and will go up $30/mo at that point, and will be a month to month contract. He suggested I call and ask for their best package to keep the cost down, assuming we’re willing to go for another two year contract.

I’ve made note of it in my filing system!

I hate the fact that we pay $200/mo to Comcast. But I need internet service, we need a landline since we have lousy cell service in our area, and we watch a fair amount of TV (and I’m not embarrassed to admit it). Although, never before 5:00. I don’t watch anything during the day. So, maybe, I should stop fretting about it. I know that, someday, there will be good, solid alternatives and the price WILL go down.

And Comcast will be in a world of hurt.

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