Today I Used an Expired King Soopers Coupon

buy 10 save 5My Mom is visiting and we’re having a family dinner while she’s here, so my shopping list was much longer than usual. I’m making a chocolate cake, my go to dessert if I’m not feeling overly creative. Sunday morning she and I are driving up to Boulder to see Rachel and go to the “Mom’s Weekend” brunch at her sorority house. Then we’re driving back in time to get dinner ready. Everyone’s coming at 5:00 and we hope to have eaten in time for the Broncos game at 6:30.

So, I’m not feeling particularly creative about making a dessert. Cake and ice cream it will be.

Anyway, one of the items on my list was icing. (I can’t believe I used to make icing from scratch. Especially, since I don’t even like icing and always scrape it all off.) I was at the store going through my coupons and found one for Duncan Hines frosting, which also happened to be on sale. Yay! Oh, wait, it expired a couple of days ago. Rats!

Hmm – I wondered what would happen if I tried to use it anyway. It was a King Soopers coupon, not a manufacturer’s one. And it was just recently expired. I’ve never tried to use an expired King Sopers coupon. I may as well see what happens.

And, guess what? It worked just fine! They matched it to boot, something that doesn’t usually happen with their own coupons. To be honest, I’m a little confused. But, heck, now I know not to throw out expired coupons. They might not take one that expired weeks or months ago. I don’t know. But I do know that the frosting I bought was regularly $2.09, on sale for $1.69, and I got it for 69¢ with the expired coupon and match combination.

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