One of My Best Purchases of the Year

gogglesRecently, I posted about a long ago purchase that made me inordinately happy. I’m always on the lookout to save money and NOT make purchases, if possible. But I really like it when a purchase gives me a lot of bang for the buck.

I went swimming a couple of times this week and I was reminded that the goggles I bought earlier this year were one such purchase. The goggles I had been wearing were old. Rarely used, but old. And they leaked. It drove me nuts. Sometimes I could get a good seal on them but, more often than not, I had to fidget and adjust them or just put up with them leaking. And that is 100% contrary to my personality as I have a very narrow comfort zone. Very.

I was at Costco one day, probably last February or March, and they were selling three-packs of goggles. I bought one. Luckily for me, two of them had adjustable bridges and that turns out to be what I need. I have a narrow bridge – something I’ve actually known for years. The reason the old goggles leaked wasn’t because they were old (even though they were). It was because you couldn’t adjust the bridge.

Now, every time I get in the pool and start swimming, my wonderful goggles work wonderfully. I’m very grateful for it. The frustration those leaky goggles caused me was huge. It’s embarrassing that I a) put up with it, and b) didn’t figure it out for more than a year. I think that 3-pack cost $14. And Jay, who has started swimming this year, is using one of the pairs.

Money spent to successfully fix a problem is usually money VERY well spent.

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