Today I Started My Christmas List

xmas listIf you’ve read (m)any of my previous posts it will come as no surprise to you that I keep a spreadsheet for my Christmas gift lists. I started this in ’02. They are very basic. The first column is the name of the person I’m buying for, column C has a line for each gift I’m considering, column B is where I put an X if I’ve actually purchased the gift, column D is the cost of each gift, column E is where I keep track of the totals for each person, with a grand total at the bottom for everything.

It’s bittersweet to go over some of the older lists. In ’02, when Harry Potter was all the rage, each of the kids got Bertie Bott’s Beans. 😉 And why would I have given Casey shaving cream that year? He was only 11! The 2006 list is the hardest to look at. There’s no longer a line for Matthew. And in ’07 my father-in-law’s name was gone. On a happier note, in ’10 our Denver niece made her appearance. Over the years significant others have been added. A couple have been deleted. 🙁 And there are now even a quasi step-niece and nephew on the list.

Anyway, I’m working on my 2013 list today – specifically, on the list of books I send to my family in Canada. These days, that’s 15 books to buy. (I keep a separate spreadsheet just to keep track of “books already given” so that I don’t repeat myself.) I started getting everyone books in ’06, when we stopped going to Calgary for Christmas. I buy them on Amazon. Some years I’ve waited MUCH too long before selecting and ordering, resulting in the either late Christmas presents or having to tailor my choices based on a book’s availability. But this year I am organized and I should be able to avoid the stress of ordering at the last minute. I will have to say, though, that I’ve been amazed at Amazon’s ability to come through in those last days before Christmas. If the books are all available, I’ve seen them get delivered in two days! (Note: I order from when the books are going to Calgary, not

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