$3 Per Beet?

passion fruitI had to bring a side dish to our neighborhood BBQ on Sunday and decided to roast some beets. Stopping at King Soopers on my way home from Bed, Bath and Beyond I grabbed four beets from the bulk bin. The kid checking me out clearly had no idea what they were. Before I knew it, I’d been charged $2.99 each for four passion fruit. Good thing I was paying attention!

I pointed out that they were bulk beets, not passion fruit. He couldn’t find them on his list and asked how much they were per lb. It’s unusual for me to not know, but I hadn’t checked. (The King Soopers I usually go to doesn’t sell them like this, individual beets, no leaves, by the lb. They only sell bunch beets. But the bunch beets at this King Soopers had been puny. I was set to cook beets, saw the bulk beets and simply didn’t care about the price – believe it or not!)

I offered to go check, but there was a lineup and he was getting flustered – whereupon he charged me 99¢/lb.

The beets cost me $3.34 vs. the $11.96 passion fruit price. (Honestly – passion fruit?)

I served them in my nice, new glass bowl, sprinkled with some goat cheese and they were gone before I knew it. Every last slice.

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