Today I Got a Flu Shot

doctorMy endocrinologist closed his practice, rather abruptly, in September leaving me without someone to refill the two thyroid med prescriptions I take. Unable to get through to my primary care physician by telephone, I actually drove over to see if she’d be able to fill them for me.

I asked why their phone system was down, which is the distinct impression I got when I tried to call on two separate days. The receptionist told me they were just short staffed and couldn’t take all the calls.

Anyway, the nurse practitioner took my medication info and called me the next day. The doctor would take over filling the prescriptions, but they wanted to see me first. Grrr – I always feel this is a way for them to get paid for an office visit. But what can I do about it?

While there for my appointment yesterday I noticed a sign on the check-in counter that flu shots were available. So, I asked for and got one. Killed two birds with one copay!

Both the nurse practitioner and my doctor were interested, and astonished, that my endocrinologist had closed shop. He had a VERY successful practice, just as I had assumed. He’s far from old. And, per the nurse practitioner, rumor has it the doctor’s employees didn’t know it was coming. They found out when the letters went out to the patients. Talk about upsetting for them!

My primary care physician is very unhappy with the Affordable Care Act. It’s going to be bad for her practice. But, at 58, she’s too young to consider retiring. I hope she can at least afford to hire enough staff to answer the phones. I’m not that keen on having to drive over vs. call! At least it’s only 10 minutes away.

Anyway, she submitted my prescriptions to Medco/Express Scripts – so I can cross that of my To Do list.

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