Buy Discount Blinds

select blindsI recently had to order a single set of blinds for a property we were flipping. For years, we’ve ordered blinds online at and with a lot of success. The products are good, the prices low, and the whole process is very convenient. I had gotten an email from just that week. They had two promotions going – buy 3 get 1 free, and save 30% off your order. Plus, shipping was free. Trouble was, the sale ended on Sunday, but I felt I needed to see some samples to best match the existing blinds in the condo. This would mean missing the sale. But, better safe than sorry I thought. I ordered the samples.

When they arrived (and they were free), the accompanying letter gave me a code to get 30% off my order. So, I got the best of both worlds!

Plus, by the time I ordered they were repeating the promotion they had earlier. Basically, don’t ever buy blinds from unless you’re getting at least 30% off!

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