It’s Good To Be Busy, But Not TOO Busy

busy beeIt’s hard to believe that a little more than a month ago I was feeling a little purposeless!

I still maintain that taking a trip a month, while unrealistic, would keep me from ever having to twiddle my thumbs. 😉 In fact, Jay and I went to Napa last week and, indeed, the planning for it, the actual trip, and the catching up afterwards has kept me so busy I can hardly see straight. We had a great time – great weather/hike/ meals/wine/mud bath/ massage/vineyard bike tour – got very relaxed, almost missed our flight home (not so great), and the five days literally flew by.

Anyway, the whole month of September has been crazy. I bought a couple of condos at auction at the end of August, which put us in property flipping mode. It’s worse for Jay than for me as he does the fixing/painting/cleaning of things. But I order, and take delivery/install of, appliances and carpet, deal with all the paperwork/contracts/ spreadsheets etc. We put the first on the market yesterday and already have two offers with a third, supposedly, coming in this morning. So, it’s good.

In between the property stuff, I helped launch our oldest on his official search for a “real” job. One of our renters gave notice and we found someone new to move in. This involves posting ad on Craigslist and other sites (via, the taking of MANY calls from prospective tenants, showing the house, drafting lease agreements, walk throughs, etc.

It’s all been good for me, even if I’ve felt a little overwhelmed at times. Busy is better. But there’s something as too busy. Jay already has a full time job that’s crazy busy. Adding everything else to his plate makes it too much. I’m going to have to be more cautious about how much I commit to, because it means committing him to it. One property at a time, for example. And maybe I can try to limit it to properties that we can flip without having to do anything to them. This will narrow the playing field dramatically and/or mean less money per deal. But I’m going to have to maintain a better balance for Jay’s sake – busy, but not too busy.

ps. just got the third offer. Bingo!

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