Keep Your Cell Phone Handy (or not)

iphoneI will answer my cell phone when driving. It’s not against the law in Colorado, although it may be in other states/provinces. I will make a call but only with Siri. And I won’t text unless I’m stopped at a traffic light.

Since I can, and will, answer my phone in the car, it’s a good idea that I leave it on the passenger seat where I can easily get to it – not in my purse where I can’t easily find it. This makes it easy to answer my phone and keeps me from getting frustrated or, worse, trying to dig through my purse while driving.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t allowed to take calls while driving (or you are trying to get yourself out of the habit), keep your cell phone where you cannot get to it.

Depending on the desired outcome (ie. encouraging or discouraging access to your phone), plan ahead and set the stage.

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