Ditch the Straw

vietnamese iced coffeeI noticed something a number of months ago. I made a Vietnamese coffee for a friend and it took her a long time to drink it. At the time I decided it was because it was SO delicious she wanted to save and savor it for as long as possible. The real reason was more likely because, unlike me, she was sipping it vs. drinking it through a straw.

I remembered this the other day and decided to try sipping my coffee instead of slurping it up through a straw. The difference was remarkable! Not only did it take MUCH longer to drink (and I wasn’t consciously trying to slow myself), but the coffee actually tasted better. There was something much more satisfying with putting my lips on the glass and taking a small swallow vs. delivering the coffee directly into my mouth through a plastic straw as if I was mainlining it.

Since my beloved coffee is a real no-no when it comes to my low carb diet (think two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk), I should really take the time to enjoy it and get the most bang for my carbs. 😉


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