Oatmeal Deal

oatmealI posted recently about switching back to oatmeal (Old Fashioned Quaker) from steel cut oats. Along with saving carbs, I’ll be saving money, too. The least expensive steel cut oats I could find were the Red Mill’s brand, at $2.49 (when it is RARELY on sale at King Soopers) for a 24 oz bag. A 42 oz container of Quaker oatmeal is regularly priced at $5.59, which I would never pay a) because it comes on sale regularly, and b) Target’s regular price is $3.99.

Anyway, a container of Quaker oats lasts three, maybe four, times as long as a bag of steel cut oats – so, trust me, I’ll be saving money, albeit not much.

And I’ll be saving even more when I take advantage of promotions, like the current “Buy 5, Save $5”, in conjunction with a sale. Quaker Oatmeal is currently on sale for $3.99 and it is also a participating item in the Buy 5 promotion. If I buy 5 I save an additional $5, making each one cost $2.99.

That makes a bowl of oatmeal, what, 18 cents? And it’s healthy.

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