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hair productsThat I would give any hair or makeup advice is pretty funny. I’m pretty hopeless in this department. I was the useless mother when it came to my daughter’s dance competitions and recitals. My job was to make Starbucks runs while the talented mothers did their magic.

Most of my oldest friends (in Calgary) wear little to no makeup, a holdover from growing up in the 70s, I guess. I remember reading a Seventeen Magazine article about getting your makeup done in ONLY ten minutes. I could only wonder how could possibly take more than two minutes. And I remember being at a cabaret (dance) in University, talking to someone I’d known in high school. The lights came on and she wanted to get outside because she was wearing her “evening” makeup. Think “stage” makeup, if I recall correctly. I wondered what the heck I didn’t know about makeup.

Anyway, back to hair. 😉 Mine is fine. As in thin. And it tends to get very flat. And if I don’t wash it every day it gets oily. Recently, with some advice from my daughter, I’ve made attempts to improve the appearance of my hair:

– instead of using tons of conditioner (so it was easy to comb out all the tangles) I’ve started using a conditioner for oily or flat hair. It’s not as easy to comb out the tangles, but my hair is less coated with conditioner which, I think, contributed to the flat look.

– I have a cowlick and part my hair on the right. But, I’ve started parting it on the left prior to blow drying it. Once it’s dry, I part it back on the right, but angling it little leftwards so it’s not completely straight down the right side.

– my hair now wants to flip back over to the right, so I secure it with some good styling spray. I use what I think is quite a lot, grabbing my hair in the back and pushing it up as I spray.

– since my hair is so fine, I have a pretty visible part line. I use hair powder by Joan Rivers (really!) to hide my part. Make sure you use it after the styling spray, as it applies better.

– if my hair starts to look flat during the day, I might spray it with salt infused waving spray. Use a lot. This really puffs it up. The difference in the size of my puny pony tail is noticeable. Keep in mind that this will cause your hair to tangle a lot more than usual, too.

Have at it! I hope some of these ideas work for you!

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