Ask For Your Cash Register Coupons

$4 coupon0001I bought some Bran Flakes today. In fact, I bought four boxes because I had a coupon to save $2 if I bought four boxes. The cereal wasn’t on sale, but we’re running low and we can’t run out!

I usually stock up like crazy when King Soopers has a really good promotion. But, apparently, I didn’t buy enough last time.

Anyway, as I was walking away with my purchases I realized that the cashier, young and new (his badge said he started in 2013), hadn’t given me the coupons that print out as you are getting rung up. I often get a coupon for Bran Flakes when I’m purchasing Bran Flakes. So, I asked him if there were any coupons for me.

There were, in fact. There were a bunch of coupons – mine, and the person’s before me, and the person’s before her. There wasn’t one for Bran Flakes, but there was one for $4 off your next shopping order, thanks to Crystal Light. I didn’t buy any Crystal Light product so, clearly, this coupon should have been given to someone else. But they didn’t ask.

And I did…

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