Free Ice Cream

ice creamI was tasked with bringing ice cream to a casual dinner the other night. Talk about easy! King Soopers had a sale on their Private Selection mini cartons. Instead of $2.49 each (which I would never pay for something so small) they were $1 each. What a bargain!

I bought six different flavors. At checkout, my King Soopers card wasn’t “taking” so the cashier had to scan it for me. I hate it when that happens as I can’t see the discounts getting rung up as he/she scans each item. I also have a hard time interpreting the cash register read out, with its negative signs and prices in parentheses. I do know to look for the SC beside an item to indicate that there’s a Soopers Card discount.

Anyway, he had everything rung up quickly and my Sooper Card wasn’t scanned until practically the end. I asked him if the ice creams were all discounted. It didn’t look like it, but he said yes, they were.

Except that when I looked at the ticket I could see that only one of the six was discounted. And he was busy with the next customer. And the cart I had been using was nowhere to be seen and he assumed I’d just carry my three bags of groceries. Grrrrr…

Luckily, a manager happened by just as I was trying to get some assistance. He was young and he had those horrible plugs for earrings. But he was nice and knowledgeable and efficient. And he offered the “freebie” item they’re supposed to give you when the price is wrong without me having to bring it up – something I appreciated. I had been charged $13.45 for my ice cream (1 x $1 and 5 x $2.49) instead of just $6 (6 x $1). Since I was now going to get one for free, my total should have been $5, meaning I should have gotten a credit for $8.45. But I ended up with a credit for $9.94 because he credited me for six ice creams at $2.49 instead of five. One of them HAD previously rung up as $1.

However, it wasn’t until I got home and reviewed the ticket that I saw where the error was made. I’m not so good with math that I was figuring all this out on the fly. 😉

I wouldn’t have said anything about it anyway as there’s no way I would have wanted to have him redo the transaction yet again. It was worth the five minutes to correct the original error. It wasn’t worth another five to give some of their money back!

Pay attention!

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