A Glass Bowl Saga

glass bowlJay and I were given a couple of nice crystal bowls when we got married. They were probably relatively pricey. Almost everything we got was fancy and expensive and some kind of crystal or china or silver or porcelain – as things were for me growing up in British-tinged Calgary before everyone discovered casual. I had a teacup collection for God’s sake!

Somehow, with the passage of 27 years and the raising of three kids, both of the bowls have ended up with major chips. I recall balls being involved in both incidents. Both times in the dining room. There was also an old, footed, leaded, cut crystal bowl of my great-grandmother’s that my Mom gave to me some 15 years ago. One of its feet didn’t survive my father-in-law’s girlfriend’s dishwashing skills. She tried glueing the pieces together but, suffice it to say, the bowl hasn’t seen the light of day since. And I’ve never mentioned it to my mother.

I went years without a replacement for any of these and found myself using a smallish, cheap, milky, glass bowl that came, I think, as part of a flower arrangement. It has swans on it. I really don’t like it, but I know well enough what happens to nice things in my house. Finally, though, I decided enough was enough. I absolutely need a decent glass bowl. It doesn’t have to be crystal. It doesn’t have to be expensive as it will, most certainly, get broken one day – if not by my own grown up children, then by grandkids, or elderly relatives. But it does have to exist in my cupboard.

I drive past a TJ Maxx/Home Goods every time I go to yoga class or swimming, so I stopped there on my way home the other day. Surely, I’d be able to find something suitable – something simple, not too big, not too small, without a stand or feet, or freakish design…

I did. Just one, mind you. There was only one that met my criteria. It was $12.99 and I paid with a discount gift card I had on hand. And I used it last week for the Watermelon Salad I made for a party.

And it made me very happy to have a nice, glass bowl again.

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