Today I Cleaned the Printer Cartridge

hp printer menuI’d noticed that my printer wasn’t printing very well recently and I was thinking that maybe it was on its last legs. But, I didn’t really concern myself with it. I don’t print that much stuff and I could still read everything well enough.

But then I printed out the new lease for one of our tenants and noticed that numerous lines on each page were totally illegible. Legal document. Not good.

The lease is a PDF form that I bought from Bradford Forms. You can fill it out online, but you can’t save the completed form. You can only print it out. I’m not 100% sure if that’s just how the form works, or if it’s because all I have is Adobe Reader. Anyway, now my printer problem is an issue because my only option is to print the form, here, on the printer on my desk. No sending it to someone so they can print it out. Rats! I sure didn’t want to have to replace my printer even though I got it in ’08, on sale for $100 (I checked my business expenses, just to make sure). 😉 And, by the way, it just blows me away that you can buy a printer/copier/scanner for $100 and, with a computer and basic supplies, have a fully functional home office. Unbelievable!

Back to my printer, though. I knew there was lots of ink in the cartridge, so it wasn’t that I was running low. I looked through the online HP Solution Center that operates the printer and went to Print Settings. From there I clicked on Printer Toolbox. One of the buttons, Clean Print Cartridge(s), looked promising. The icon showed the letter A, all streaky, just like my poorly printed pages looked. So, I ran it and, bingo, now it works fine. I’m positive I’ve never used that function in the 5+ years I’ve had the printer.

Good to know about it! Next time the print quality starts to degrade I’ll know to clean the print cartridge immediately.

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