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iphone reminderThe other day I forgot that I’d planned to meet one of our tenants at the house she’s renting. I had a new lease written up for her to sign. And she had a big check to give me. She pays for the full year in advance, the week before tuitions are due!!

But, it totally slipped my mind until the next morning when I saw the email she’d sent me wondering where I was. I am pretty busy. But it’s not an excuse, especially because I’ve been a lot busier in days gone by. And I’m usually very organized. But apparently not so organized that I haven’t forgotten a couple of events/appointments lately.

The truth is, both times I neglected to write the event/appointment down on my calendar. And I neglected to create a reminder on my iPhone. I need to do the first and, preferably, both. And it’s a habit I need to strictly implement. I very much rely on my different methods of organizing. Gone are the days of relying on my memory to get me through, although, I do remember repeating “events”, such as my 12:00 yoga class on Mondays, my 8:45 yoga class on Thursdays, and the cleaners at 8:30 every second Friday. But I even note these on my calendar so that I don’t schedule competing appointments. I can’t be at yoga and the dentist at the same time…

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