I’m Going to Get My House Cleaned For Free

cleaning authorityWhen we moved I switched cleaning services. It’s a point of contention, with my husband, that we have cleaners at all. But I hate cleaning. And I’ve got arthritis in my hands – not much, but enough that it flares up from time to time and I have to be careful.

Anyway, they have a referral program where you get a free clean if you refer a client who pays for four cleans. Almost a year ago I referred my friend. I’m not 100% sure she’s stayed with the service, but I was pretty sure she kept them long enough for four cleans. So, yesterday I emailed the company to ask about my free clean.

They got back to me right away, saying that they didn’t have the two of us “linked” in their referral program, but if I enrolled online they would make sure I was credited with the necessary points. They should have had us “linked” as I’d emailed them months ago to make sure they knew I was the one who referred her. Plus, I’d never heard about having to enroll in their rewards program. But, whatever. Sometimes it’s not worth pointing things out – especially when you’re trying to get something. You get more flies with honey.

When I enrolled in their rewards program I saw that you also got 10 points every time they cleaned your house. I did mention, sweetly, that I sure wish I’d known about this earlier, as I would have earned 20 points/month for the entire year. We’ll see if they credit me with that!

Anyway, you need 300 points to get a free clean. Referring my friend will get me to 300 points right off the bat. 😉 If they credit me for all the cleans I’ve had done this year, since they initiated the program, I’ll have close to another 200 points. Plus, I got 40 points for enrolling. I’ll be close to another free clean. If they don’t credit me, it’ll take until the end of next year to get the free clean.

No – it’s not a big windfall. But it is $84 and it is somewhat discretionary (I guess – Jay and I would definitely disagree on this). And I’ll be much more likely to refer friends to them because of the program. After all, I’ve been happy with the service and have stuck with them for two years now.

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