Today I Bought More Discount Gift Cards

gift cardsI’ve posted about buying gift cards online before. Unfortunately, Plastic Jungle no longer sells to the public. But there are still other sites. Here’s the link to Cardpool. If you feel you get anything out of my blog, click on the link below to get to the site. I’m literally blogging for pennies a day at this point. And that won’t last forever. Even I’ll get sick of myself. 😉
Buy, Sell, and Trade Gift Cards at!

So, today I bought a spa gift card at a 20% discount. This is a card I will definitely use. I ran out last month and had to pay full price. Egads!

I also bought some Home Depot gift cards at a 10% discount. We’re in the middle of fixing and flipping a condo I got at auction the other week. I’m happy to save $100 on our Home Depot purchases. And I get to claim full price on my tax return.

Finally, I’m going to buy some Sears gift cards at a 5% discount. We’re buying appliances from them and this will amount to $100 in savings. Again, we can claim the full price on our tax return. I’ll be buying electronic gift cards in this case, waiting until I’m 100% sure I’m buying our appliances from Sears. But I’m pretty sure I will. I’ve done some price comparisons and they’re looking good, especially with the 25% off we’re going to get for buying four appliances over $450 (fridge, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher).

I’m buying all the gift cards with my Explorer card, of course. Gotta get those miles!

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