Today I Got Two Free Half Gallons of Milk

free milkI was buying a couple of gallons of milk. I get the cheapest kind King Soopers carries, which was on sale for $2.79. But they only had one gallon left, so I checked the price for the 1/2 gallon size. I always check, actually, since it sometimes comes on sale for 99¢, which is cheaper than buying it in full gallons.

Anyway, the price was the usual $1.99 – but they were advertising a special where you get a free 1/2 gallon with the purchase of Breyer’s ice cream. Well, I happened to have a coupon for $1.25 off when you buy two cartons of Breyer’s ice cream. Breyer’s is my preferred ice cream and I always like to have some on hand for when the kids come home, or for dessert when we entertain casually. It never goes to waste. So, I grabbed two 1/2 gallons of skim milk and then grabbed two cartons of ice cream (which just happened to be on sale).

Of course, the milk didn’t ring up as free like it was supposed to. Pay attention! The cashier seemed very skeptical when I told him about it, especially since the special wasn’t in the weekly insert, which he slowly ambled to the front of the store to get. So, he sent someone to the ice cream aisle to check out my claim. She came back with a picture of the display ad to show him the details. Smart girl. She should have been ringing me up and he should have been bagging my groceries.

So, the ice cream was on sale (just 60¢ off each carton), I had a $1.25 coupon for the ice cream, and the two milks, each usually $1.99, were free. That amounts to $6.43 in savings for just the four items! That’s more than two yoga classes cost me.

Not too shabby!

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