Today I Discovered a New Word

decisiveI’ve posted before about listening to that little voice. I usually call it intuition or a gut feeling. But I just finished reading the book Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work and read that “Pilots are taught to pay careful attention to what are called “leemers”: the vague feeling that something isn’t right, even if it’s not clear why. Having a label for those feelings legitimizes them and makes pilots less likely to dismiss them.”

I’ve never heard of “leemer” before. Lemur, yes, but not “leemer”. Very cool. I feel validated. My husband doesn’t share my enthusiasm for listening to that little voice. Especially not since I told him that sometimes my intuition is so strong and so accurate that I actually feel an inanimate object, a glass for example, is sending me those vibes urging me to move it to a more safe location.

I stand by it.

One thought on “Today I Discovered a New Word

  1. I read that today in Decisive and like you was intrigued by the word leemer. However, I can’t find a definition or another reference to the word on the web.

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