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pagosa2I feel like we’re making progress in our transition to empty nesters – the What Now? part of our life that’s, literally, just around the corner (Rachel moves to Boulder in 10 days). This past weekend Jay and I went to Pagosa Springs for a couple of nights. I’d read about tubing through town on the San Juan somewhere (Sunset Magazine?) and had put it on my To Do list a year or so ago. I have fond memories of tubing down the Elbow River in Calgary growing up, and floating down the Columbia River in BC with my brother and his family when our kids were younger. So, this really appealed to me. Plus, it was a quick and easy trip, about a 5 1/2 hr drive from Denver. But I still had to get online and figure out where to stay and Mapquest how to get there and see what activities we could do. So, it was good practice!

I sort of had to drag Jay along. Missing two days of work means he’s got that much more to do this week. Plus, he was really wondering what we’d do while we were there, in Pagosa Springs, and he HATES cold water. But, it was lots of fun! We stayed at The Alpine Inn ($80/night, free continental breakfast). I had checked some other locations out, The Springs ($239/night, free hot pool passes, no breakfast), a Bed and Breakfast ($159/night, gourmet breakfast) but decided that the money we saved going to The Alpine Inn would pretty much pay for all our meals and activities.

And it did.

When we first pulled up to the motel both of us looked at each other. It looked pretty sketchy – nothing like the beautiful picture on Expedia (which made it look like it was in the middle of a snow covered forest).

alpine inn1






It was acutally next to the highway and our view was of the parking lot.

alpine inn2





But the reviews had been good, so we checked in once we’d looked at the room. It was decent and quiet and, per usual, we were hardly there anyway. The breakfast was standard continental fare, but it did the trick. I slept great both nights.

We went to The Springs hot pools, which are the town’s main attraction. At $24.50/each we were really wondering if it was worth it. But we decided to give it a shot. We went in the evening. We stayed for a long time, checking out many of their 18 pools, and watched the sun set and both agreed that we were glad we went. On Friday we hiked the Piedra River Trail, which was gorgeous and easy – my kind of hike. Later in the day we stopped at a Brew Pub to try a sample of beers; a cool and fabulous store, Handcrafted Interiors, which was as wonderful inside as it was out; The BackRoom Wine Bar (highly recommended) where the wine was a little pricey but the pours were VERY generous (as were the wine samples) and the food was excellent; followed by The Overlook Spa which was quirky and fun and, with the two for $18 coupon we had, very reasonably priced. We met a nice couple from Denver and stayed until they kicked us out. 😉

On Saturday, before driving back to Denver, it was time to go tubing. The water was unusually high meaning, also, unusually cold. Jay was dreading it. But he was a good sport. They told us the chance of getting flipped out of our tubes was about 50%. For me, it was more like 200%. I flipped out twice, not making it 50 feet before getting dumped the first time. It was NOT lazy river like! Thank God it was me, not Jay, getting soaked. And it wasn’t the cold that got me. It was the fear! It was definitely more of an adrenaline rush than I was looking for. But, I’m definitely glad we did it and didn’t just feel that way until after it was over. I enjoyed the adventure as it was happening. Say yes! And I’d do it again. This season is unusual and it would typically be much more laid back and similar to my memories of tubing.

We were tired when we arrived home but Jay had been invited for scotch and cigars at a friend’s house, so he was off again. I watched a bunch of episodes from the first season of Homeland (from the library) and drank some wine.

Talk about a satisfying weekend!

Unfortunately, there’s a sobering post script to our weekend. Jay got back to work today to find out that his boss, who’s been out for many months battling cancer, died on Sunday. Greg is gone. Talk about a lesson being driven home. 🙁

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