Why Do Some Purchases Make Me Inordinately Happy?

walletI am not much of a shopper. While I’m a pretty good shopper, in terms of getting good value for my money, I don’t love shopping. I liked to clothes shop when I was young and everything looked adorable on me. 😉 But I started to loathe shopping as I got older, had kids and very little time to myself. Time spent shopping was time I desperately could use for writing or going for a walk. Plus, money was tight adding a sense of anxiety to shopping.

In any event I’m definitely not a shopaholic. I sat next to a woman on my flight home from Calgary the other week, and she talked about her mother’s shopping addiction and how it was interfering with the raising of her (the woman on the plane’s) children. I asked if there’d been any trauma in her mother’s life that might account for her addiction. (I’ve watched Hoarders and understand that there’s usually some past trauma.) Three bouts of breast cancer? Her mother’s house burned down when she was 10-yrs-old and she lost everything? Bingo.

Anyway, I don’t get much of a buzz when I buy things. And, luckily, I’m not filling a hole in my life. But, having said that, every once in a while I get an inordinate amount of pleasure from a purchase. The one that stands out the most for me is the wallet I bought some 7-10 years ago. I got it at Macy’s. I don’t even think it was on sale. 😮 But, when I bought it, I didn’t have the kids with me. I had lots of time to make my pick. In fact, I probably spent 30 minutes checking out different styles of wallets, actually moving the contents from my existing wallet into the ones I was interested in, to make sure everything would fit and I would be completely satisfied with its features.

I still love that wallet. It’s a good one and has stood the test of time. One of these days I’ll have to replace it and, chances are, I’ll go for one that’s similar or identical. I’m not sure it will give me as much pleasure as the original, but I hope it does.

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