Take Care of Yourself

short hair croppedThere was a period when I had little time to myself. Between three kids, a job, a house, a husband and everything in between I was stretched pretty thin.

My hair was very short as it took less time to manage. (And I loved that haircut.)

I bought (often horrible) clothes from some mail order company.

I did the grocery shopping at night.

I once went three years without going to the dentist and FIVE years without having a primary care physician after mine dropped our insurance.

So, when I quit my job in ’02 I decided that I would be religious about checkups. And I have kept that promise to myself. Ever since then I’ve had yearly mammograms, pap smears, mole checks, eye appts and dental checkups. More recently I’ve made sure to have a general physical, blood work, a yearly visit with my endocrinologist, and regular bone density checks and colonoscopies (my uncle and, probably, great-grandfather died of colon cancer).

Rather than consider all this a pain-in-the-butt, I see it as a gift to have the time and flexibility to take care of myself.

Now I’m ready to apply the same diligence to taking care of my appearance. Let’s face it, I need more than two haircuts/year! Rather than resenting how long it takes to get ready in the morning (or afternoon, depending on my day), I should be grateful that I have the time to wash and dry my hair and put on makeup. My mother doesn’t even leave her bedroom without first doing her hair and face. (I’m sure she’s horrified when I go makeup-less and wear a baseball cap all day – which routinely happens if I’m at the lake.)

That reminds me, I really need to start washing my face at night. Why is that so hard?!

I may never get to the point of shaving my legs every day. Let me rephrase that. I will never get to the point of shaving my legs every day. And I will never, ever do Botox or have a facelift. But I need to enjoy spending time on my appearance.

And, trust me, I need it more than ever now that I’m in my 50’s!

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