No Foreign Fees While I Was in Calgary

explorer cardI don’t travel internationally much. But, I am going to Calgary 3-4 times/year these days. And, while I don’t usually spend much, if any, money while there, I might drop some on a meal out or a couple bottles of wine to take to a friend’s house. Until recently I was always hit with foreign transaction fees for these purchases. They didn’t amount to much (ie. $12 in 2012), but it bugs me to have to pay ANY kind of a fee.

So, when I got my INK Bold Mastercard earlier this year, which doesn’t charge foreign fees, I was pleased. Even more recently I was informed that my Chase Explorer card would no longer charge foreign transaction fees. In under a year I’ve gone from having no foreign-transaction-fee-free credit cards to having two of them. Right now, I’m probably only saving $12-$20/year. But Jay’s going kayak fishing in Cabo in October. And we’re hoping to do some more international travel in the years to come – Croatia’s on my list, as is a river cruise in Europe, maybe a trip to Quebec and the Maritime provinces…

One of these days, these credit cards are going to pay for themselves in terms of saving on foreign transaction fees!

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