Two Dimensional vs. Three Dimensional

two three dimensionalIn her book The Happiness Project and on her blog Gretchen Rubin discusses dividing people into categories.

I definitely do this dividing thing. One of my nearest and dearest divisions,  “two dimensional vs. three dimensional”, is one I never hear anyone mention, yet it is SO prevalent in my life.

I’m completely two dimensional, living most comfortably with words and numbers (ie. letters, spelling, manuscripts, reading, books, spreadsheets, maps, computer programs, sudokus etc.) Even the crafts I (used) to enjoy were two dimensional – drawing, needlepoint, embroidery, macrame (I know I’m dating myself).

I’m not comfortable with the physical – building, fixing, cleaning. I can frame and hang pictures (sort of two dimensional). But I struggle to back my car down the driveway. I’m spatially hopeless. Three dimensional tasks inspire anxiety. I’m uncoordinated and consistently bad at sports involving any kind of ball, but I can swim. 😉

I come by this honestly. The only tool my father ever owned was a hammer (to hang pictures). And I don’t recall anyone ever telling me about having to change the oil in my car or do anything other than fill it with gas. Cars, like houses, worked magically.

My husband, however, is the complete opposite. He can fix/build/maintain anything. Our garage looks like Ace Hardware. He understands the mechanics/physics of how things operate. Yet he’s pretty terrible at all the things I’m good at. So, he fixes the furnace and I do the taxes.

I guess we complement each other!

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