An Unrealistic Epiphany

suitcaseI had a somewhat unrealistic epiphany on my way home from Windermere the other day. As I’ve posted earlier, I’m casting about for ways to transition into empty nesthood/ reinvent my life/ fill time/ find purpose and fulfillment (and, yes, I know these are decidedly First World problems).

The epiphany? Take a week long trip every month. That way, I’d be busy doing something cool and new and away from my regular life 25% of the time. I’d probably have to spend 10% of my time planning the trip. Another 20% catching up when I returned – leaving only 45% of my time for normal everyday living! I’d be so busy I’d never have time for another game of Spider Solitaire again…

I didn’t say it was practical.

Or feasible.

But I did have an epiphany.

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