Get In the Water

photo4I just got back from a week in Canada. Saw my family and friends. Spent six days in Windermere with my mom where my parents have a condo and where I spent my childhood summers (and winter weekends skiing). My best girlfriends came up for a couple of days (staying at one of their places) and that was a blast! Bookended the trip with visits to see Dad in the nursing home.

Great trip – fun, poignant, beautiful, wistful. The weather was glorious the first few days I was at the lake (Calgary, not so much, but I wasn’t there long). It was so glorious it was hard to believe that it wasn’t going to stay that way the whole time. But it didn’t. Over the last three days it cooled substantially, the wind whipped up a bit, it rained, it poured.

I was so grateful I spent much of those first few days at the beach and in the water. Even on Friday, after I’d spent hours there with my brother and his girlfriend and had gone back to the condo and showered in preparation for meeting up with my friends, I headed back down, waded/swam over to the Akiskinook beach to meet one of them before everyone else arrived. We spent two hours chatting and laughing and me trying not to burn (I didn’t) while she basked in the rays (and, as usual, didn’t burn).

The next couple of days were a riot, despite the not-so-perfect weather. We spent Saturday near the beach but, certainly, most of us didn’t get into the water past our knees and, then, only to be able to say we did. Sunday was a great walking day. No beach time. And then they were off, back to Calgary. Monday was so-so. No beach time. Tuesday was all travel (gorgeous drive) and seeing my dad.

Anyway, get in the water while the weather is good. Don’t assume it will be good tomorrow. You can say that about a lot in life! I can’t say I’ve followed that advice my entire life, but I did this past week. And I’m getting a whole lot better about following it in general.

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