The Growing Heap

heap of coinsIf you follow my blog you know I really like Gretchen Rubin’s books and her blog. Her recent post, Focus on the Growing Heap, Not the One Coin, is absolutely right on.

So simple, yet so profound.

I can testify as to its validity. I feel that Jay and I are perfect examples of a couple who focused on the growing heap.

We’ve always lived within our means.

We cultivated patience and the ability to do without. We still allowed ourselves some extravagances – but they were categorized as such. We went out for dinner, but only once/week. We took the kids on trips (not counting visiting family in Canada), but never more than once/year.

We’ve always put something away for the future.

And, guess what? Before we knew it, the future was practically upon us.

Focus on your growing heap. Keep track of it.

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