Today I Used My Target REDcard

target redcardI got a Target REDcard debit card last year. I tried to get a credit card but was denied, which really surprised me. I might be successful today because we’ve sold two properties and have two fewer mortgages.

Anyway, I’m not going to bother. The debit card is fine. I used to buy Target gift card on Plastic Jungle via TOPCASHBACK. But Plastic Jungle isn’t selling gift cards to consumers anymore. I can probably do the same via Cardpool via TOPCASHBACK, though I think I’m close to the $1000 cap with Cardpool. So, basically, I’m just using the Target REDcard debit card as it’s supposed to be used.

The savings aren’t as big (but it’s less complicated). And it’s hard to beat an instant 5% discount!

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