Today I Got My Computer Fixed

computerSomething was wrong with my computer. It was slow, to be sure. So, I ran my MalwareBytes Anti Malware software (it was 139 days since the last time I ran it) and some viruses were found and destroyed. But, alas, my problems ran too deep.

I finally understood that something was seriously, seriously wrong when:

– I could no longer save attachments
– I could no longer download software from the internet
– I could no longer open Adobe attachments
– I couldn’t login to Google
– my Favorites didn’t always work
– I Googled something but the computer redirected me to different sites
– new windows would spontaneously open
– I’d have ninety processes running, sucking up all my CPU
– I kept getting “Host Process for Windows Services has stopped working” errors

All this started happening in very short order and I started to panic. I always panic when my hard drive crashes or my computer stops working. Jay knows to stay far, far away from me whenever this happens.

So I took it into the shop. The 20-something-yr-old, Tyler, who worked on it found that I had a root kill virus. For $139 he fixed it, a bargain if you ask me. My computer runs like new again.

My computer is as indispensible as my car. I need it every day. I use it to make money, save money, communicate, pay bills, do my banking, educate, entertain myself… And it needs to be maintained like you would a car. So, I have resolved to run my MalwareBytes program weekly, instead of almost never. And I might even resolve to take it in every year for a tune up.

It’s money well spent.

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