Today Our Proof of Auto Insurance Cards Came

proof of insurance cardEvery six months we get new Proof of Auto Insurance Cards from Allstate for our cars. The six month “Effective” and “Expiration” dates are listed on each and I try to make sure each one makes it into the appropriate car by the effective date.

I discovered something interesting a couple of years ago, though. I had taken one of the kids in to take his driver’s test. It was right around the time the new insurance cards had arrived and one of the documents we had to bring was proof of insurance. So I brought in the new card.

No good! The effective date was still a week away, so the proof of insurance wasn’t valid. I frantically went through the glove compartment and, luckily, I hadn’t thrown away the last proof of insurance card.

Make sure you always have the current card. Even if you get a newer one, don’t throw the old one out until the new one becomes effective. We would have had to reschedule his test had I not kept (by chance, not by intent) that old card.

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