Today I Returned Some Macadamia Nuts at King Soopers

macadamia nutsI went to Costco today to get some groceries, chief on my list being their macadamia nuts (for low carb snacking). They’ve had macadamia nuts in stock every time I’ve been there recently. But not anymore. I KNEW I should have bought them earlier! It drives me nuts the way Costco stocks items sporadically. Two Christmases ago they stopped stocking their special Christmas cookies. I was told they were seasonal. But it was still weeks before Christmas!! (It’s like when Target stops carrying the cheap, knitted gloves I use for driving in the winter in February or March (when it’s still winter) in favor of summer hats.)

Anyway, Costco didn’t have macadamia nuts. So, on my way home, I picked up a bag from the produce section at King Soopers for $10.99. I opened them on my way out and got halfway to my car. They were terrible. So terrible, I knew I wouldn’t finish the bag. And there was no way I was going to eat the $10.99. So I turned around and went right back in to customer service to return them.

The girl who helped asked if I wanted cash or to put it back on my credit card. I told her to put it back on my card.


I got home and there were two credit card alerts for $10.99 from King Soopers. I logged into my credit card and, yes, instead of crediting me $10.99 she had charged me an additional $10.99. $22 and no nuts!! Why didn’t I pay more attention? The worst thing is, I got the feeling she did it on purpose or she realized she did it and didn’t bother to correct it. I got strange vibes from her, and I was being super friendly (unlike when I was at Costco and they didn’t have the nuts).

I was so frustrated. I called up the store and got her on the phone. Oh, you can come back, she said. As if it wouldn’t take me 30 mins round trip, minimum. No apology. Not a word. She didn’t even sound remotely surprised that she’d made the mistake. I asked Jay to stop by on his way home from working out. He ran into the same thing. Not one word of apology from her. It was weird. A manager came by actually uttered the word “sorry” and Jay commented on how that was the first time either of us had heard it.

Note to self – always take cash when they offer vs. a credit to your card. a) I get miles for these purchases (double miles at grocery stores), and b) there’s less chance of an inept clerk recharging you for the returned item. (Also, check the receipt before you leave.)

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