Today I Booked a Hotel on Expedia

beaver creek hotelOur closing is scheduled and we’re holding our breath that everything goes smoothly. Immediately afterwards, we’ll be ready to celebrate – so we decided to head up to the mountains for a night. (And if everything falls apart, we’ll need the getaway to help deal with our frustration.)

Our oldest son is living and working up in Avon, another reason to head up. And our daughter is planning to go up to the mountains with a bunch of friends, so we won’t be leaving her alone in town (yet another reason).

We don’t travel much, so I’m not an expert (yet) on travel savings. There were lots of rooms available thru Expedia. Some were on sale and I, naturally, gravitated towards them. I was also careful to make sure the hotel I picked offered free parking. Not all of them did. And, before I booked, I wondered if I could get any kind of deal going through TOPCASHBACK.


I got a code to get an additional 15% off. There may be other ways to get discounts, but it would have been very easy to pay the extra $20.48 by just going straight to the Expedia site. And, yes, I did double check to see that the same price was offered whether or not you went through TOPCASHBACK. Sometimes prices change depending on how you access a site, as I found when using United’s MileagePlus Shopping mall.

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