Today I Canceled Paper Statements From the Trash Company

I posted, last year, about switching our garbage company after we moved in 2011. We’ve been happy with the new company. Their rates have gone up a bit since signing up, but they’re still much more competitive than the old company.

Per usual, I signed up for their autopay program – no check to write, no stamp to pay for, and I get miles for paying with my credit card. But they’ve always sent me a paper bill. I was looking at it this week and I noticed a charge of $1.92 for “administrative fee”. I’ve seen that before and I know what it means! It means they’ve started charging to send you a paper bill.

Sure enough – I called and confirmed that’s what it was. I went to my online profile and turned off the paper bill option. $1.92 isn’t much. And it’s only four times/year. But I don’t pay fees when they can be avoided.

It’s all about plugging the leaks in the boat.

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