Today We Went to a Free Concert

concert2Every Tuesday in June and July, the city of Greenwood Village has a free concert. Hundreds, if not a thousand or so, show up with their blankets and picnics and drinks and find a spot on the grassy area surrounding the amphitheater. So much fun!

The music is great. Kids are running around having a blast. Everyone is in such a happy, summer state of mind.

We’re so lucky to live in Colorado!!

We went with our wonderful friends Dave, Melanie and Cris. Within minutes of getting there, one of Jay’s good friends from work came over to say hi. Then we saw some of our oldest and best friends, Paul and Kendra. Later, Steve and Rachel (our oldest and youngest – Casey, our middle child, wasn’t in town) joined us.

Talk about a great time! Or, should I say, a grateful time. Say yes to opportunities like this!

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