Today I Went To the Library – Again

I know. Wow!! But going to the library saved me money today.

I love to read. (Lately, I’ve been too busy – something I simply must correct. Maybe I’ll put it on paper.) I actually start a lot more books than I finish, because I can’t be bothered to read something I’m not really into.

Today I picked up a David Sedaris’ latest book Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls. I could have paid the cover price of $27 at a box store (but, ha, I would never do that). I could have ordered it from Amazon for $16.08 (new) or $10.95 (used) and had it delivered straight to my door (for free, if I ordered something else to get the total up to $25, which I probably would do). I could have downloaded the Kindle version for around $9.99, if I had a Kindle.

Instead, I put it on hold at my local library when I first heard about it (ie. weeks, if not months, ago) and swung by to pick it up while I was out getting groceries*. For free. I have three weeks to finish it. There’s a wait list for it so I won’t able to renew it again. No trouble, I’ll probably be done with it in a few days.

If I paid the cover price, or even just the Kindle price for every book I read, let alone every book I started, I would be spending $1,000s every year. So, yes, going to the library is actually a bit of a big deal. For me. Because I read a lot of books. It all depends on your boat.

Note: As a writer, you may be wondering why I’m not more of a champion of buying books. But, I do buy books. Every Christmas I order a book (thoughtfully picked out, of course) for each of my parents, siblings, nieces, cousin, sister-in-laws, friends, etc. I usually buy them on Amazon because the prices are so good and it saves me having to ship them to Canada.

I also buy books that I go back to time and again – usually non-fiction informational types of books, not novels I will only read once. Many of these books are ones featured or to-be-featured in my recommended reading pages. Check them out. Literally!

* I had checked out a DVD for our daughter and it was due on Sunday. But the David Sedaris book was “in transit” meaning it wouldn’t get there until Monday. I know the library has a one day grace period, so I decided not to drop off the DVD on Sunday, only to make a 2nd trip on Monday or Tuesday. Plus, I knew I’d be grocery shopping on my way home from yoga on Monday. Planning!!

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