Today I Learned About Hypermiling

hypermilingMy husband likes to watch Mythbusters. In today’s show they were trying to bust the myth that you can double your gas mileage by “hypermiling”. Indeed, they busted the myth, not because it didn’t work. It did – by 40% in one case, and 70% in the other. But not by 100%.

Wait – 40% and 70% are HUGE!!

Of course, they really went to extremes to achieve these results. But, some of the tactics they employed (ie. watching your speed, accelerating slowly, coasting to stops, minimizing braking) are all common sense things I’ve figured would reduce gas consumption and are things that wouldn’t be too hard to do on a regular basis and, I’m guessing, could easily increase your gas mileage by 10% or more.

Don’t think I’ll turn my car off at red lights. And I’m definitely not removing the passenger side mirror. 😉 I might be willing to compromise on the A/C, though, and that will make my husband VERY happy!!

Search the web for “hypermiling” and you’ll find more than you’ll ever need to know!

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